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2nd Annual Congress on Cellular Therapies, Cancer, Stem Cells and Bio Medical Engineering, will be organized around the theme “New innovations in Cellular Therapies, Stem Cells & Bio Medical Engineering”

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Cell medical care or cytotherapy is that the transfer of cells into a patient with a goal of rising the sickness. From beginning blood transfusions were kind of to be the first form of cell treatment to be experienced as routine. Later, Bone marrow transplantation has to boot become a well-established construct involves treatment of the many blood disorders additionally as anemia, leukemia, malignant neoplastic disease and rare disorder diseases. numerous medical practitioners perform cell medical care within the type of many different names along with transplant medical care, organ medical care and up to this point cell medical care. it has been claimed that it's been wont to repair funiculus injuries, strengthen weaken system, treats reaction diseases like AIDS, facilitate patients with neurologic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s illness.

Allogeneic  Cell Therapy.

Human embryonic  stem cells.

Mechanisms of  Action.

Neural  Stem Cell Therapy.

Mesenchyme  Stem Cell Therapy.

Hematopoietic stem  cell transplantation.










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Gene medical care primarily involves the introduction or alteration of genetic material at intervals a cell  or organism with associate intention of solidifying the sickness. Each cell medical care and factor medical care square measure overlapping fields of medicine analysis with the goals of repairing the direct reason for genetic  diseases in DNA or cellular population severally. The invention of recombinant DNA technology at intervals the Nineteen Seventies provided tools to with efficiency develop factor medical care. Scientists use these techniques to promptly manipulate infectious agent genomes, isolate genes and confirm mutations involved in human sickness, characterize and regulate factor expressions, and engineer varied infectious agent and non-viral vectors. varied long run treatments for anemia, blood disease, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, hereditary disease, Gauscher’s sickness, lysosomal storage diseases, vas diseases, polygenic disease and diseases of bones and joints square measure resolved through eminent factor medical care and square measure elusive lately.


Cancer therapies  square measure medicine or different substances that block the growth and unfold of cancer by intrusive with specific molecules (molecular targets) that square measure involved within the growth, progression and unfold of cancer. Many cancer therapies square measure approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat specific styles of cancer. The event of targeted therapies desires the identification of fine targets that is, targets that play a key role in neoplastic cell growth and survival. One approach to distinctive potential targets is to match the amounts of individual proteins in cancer cells with those in traditional cells. Proteins that square measure gift in cancer cells however not traditional cells or that square measure a lot of voluminous in cancer cells would be potential targets, notably if they are famed to worry in cell growth or survival.

RNAI approaches

Drug resistance

Hematopoietic root cell factor transfer

Cellular therapies

Ribozyme technology

Gene delivery systems (viral and non-viral)

DNA synthesis and repair


Due to chop-chop advancing field of cancer medical specialty in past few years, there has been production of the many new methods of treating cancer called Immunotherapies. Medical aid is also a style of treatment that will increase the strength of immune reaction against tumours either by stimulating the activities of specific elements of system or by counteracting signals created by cancer cells that suppress immune responses. Some sorts of therapy also are called as biological medical aid or biotherapy. Recent advancements in cancer immunotherapies have provided new therapeutic approaches. These embody tumor-associated macrophages as treatment targets in medicine, unmoved activation of platelets with stop inhibitors for post-surgical cancer therapy, immune stop blockade and associated endocrinopathies  and plenty of additional.


Genetic drugs or Medical biological science is that the branch of medication that differs from human biological science, and involves the diagnosing and management of hereditary disorders. Human biological science may or won't apply to drugs, but medical biological science refers to the applying of biological science to medical care. Genetic medicine primarily involves altogether totally different areas like sequence medical aid, bespoke medicine, prophetical medicine and additionally the chop-chop rising new medicine. Now a days, medical biological science has wide selection of scopes in many conditions involving birth defects and dysmorphology, autism, stupidity, skeletal  abnormalcy, mitochondrial disorders, cancer biological science, animal tissue disorders and a few additional.


Translational analysis includes two areas. One is that the methodology of utilizing discoveries generated at intervals the laboratory throughout analysis, and in presymptomatic studies, to the event trials and studies in humans. Second methodology issues on analysis back-geared toward enhancing the adoption of best practices at intervals the community. A significant a part of translational science collectively includes value effectiveness of hindrance and treatment methods. For National Institute of Health, Clinical analysis is made public in 3 ways i.e.(1) Patient minded analysis. Analysis that's conducted with human subjects that associate investigator directly interacts with human subjects. This definition excludes the in vitro studies that utilize human tissues minded be joined to a living individual. Patient homing analysis involves: (a) therapeutic interventions, (b) mechanisms of human sickness, (c) clinical trials, or (d) development of latest technologies. (2) medicine and activity investigations. (3) Outcomes analysis and health services analysis.


Cell medical care Bioprocessing activity primarily focuses to accelerate the safe, cost- effective translations and clinical efficacious of cell therapies into industrial product. This activity covers the full vary of cell medical care activities in addition as tissue engineering. therefore on succeed, industrial success of a minimum of a number of late-stage product  square measure required to develop which can be funded to develop next generation tools and technologies for this field. Recent achievements embody, diagnosing filing for part one clinical trials for cell medical care in acute neural structure injury, clinical proof of idea studies in tissue- designed trachea, clinical trials for tissue-engineered voice box and routine clinical apply at intervals the regeneration of corneas. the long-standing time analysis priorities can specialize in novel cell and bioprocess engineering techniques therefore on enhance the manufacturing effectuality and methods for health technology assessment to support fast clinical adoption of latest cell therapies.


Specialists develop uniform organisms in a very workplace. These foundational microorganisms area unit controlled to observe into specific varieties of cells, for instance, muscular tissue cells, platelets or nerve cells. The actual cells would then be ready to be embedded into a private.

Types of stem cell and stem cell medical care:

Stem cell Banking

Stem cell biomarkers and novel approaches in somatic cell technologies

Cellular malleability and reprogramming

Cell and Organ Regeneration

Stem Cells Growth Development and Regeneration


Stem-cell medical care is that the use of stem cells to cure or forestall a sickness or condition. Bone is that the most generally used stem-cell medical care, however some therapies derived from duct blood also are in use. Analysis is on the thanks to develop numerous sources  for stem cells, and to use stem-cell treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and conditions like polygenic disease, cardiopathy and different conditions. Stem-cell medical care became arguable following developments like the power of scientists to isolate and culture embryonic stem cells, to make somatic cells victimisation cell nuclear transfer and their techniques to make evoked pluripotent stem cell. This disceptation is expounded to abortion politics and conjointly to human biological research. And  also, efforts to promote treatments supported transplant of keep duct blood are arguable.

Novel somatic cell Technologies

Efficient cell/dna Delivery and microencapsulation techniques

Cancer medical care

Rheumatoid arthritis and neural structure injury

Parkinson’s sickness

Severe burns and polygenic disease

Imaging technologies, single molecule imaging, and super-resolution

Proteomic and genomic strategies

Normal and pathological organs and medical specialty



Stem cells in tissue engineering

Translating somatic cell analysis into clinical medicine: Food and Drug Administration approved clinical trials

Bone marrow transplantation to treat cancer and alternative diseases

Stem cell medical care for sort I polygenic disorder

Generation of exocrine gland islets from stem cells

Promoting endogenous somatic cell proliferation within the treatment of depression

Stem cells can supply revolutionary medicine for regenerative medication


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) square measure cancer cells that possess options related to traditional stem cells, specially the power to relinquish rise to all or any cell sorts found during a explicit cancer sample. CSCs square measure tumorigenic,  in distinction to alternative non-tumorigenic cancer cells. CSCs could generate tumours via the vegetative cell processes of self-renewal and differentiation into multiple cell sorts. These cells square measure hypothesized to act tumours as a definite population and cause relapse and metastasis by giving rise to new tumours. Therefore, development of specific therapies targeted at CSCs holds hope for sweetening of survival and quality of lifetime of cancer patients, particularly for patients with pathological process unwellness.

Cancer stem cells

Oncogenes and tumour suppressors

Tumour invasion and metastasis

Tumour microenvironment

Cancer medical aid


Biomedical Engineering is that the science of application of engineering principles to the fields of biology and health care. Bioengineers accompany with doctors, therapists and researchers to implement systems, instrumentation and devices so as to unravel clinical issues that concentrate on the advances that improve human health and health care in the slightest degree levels. Clinical engineering could be a special field at intervals medicine engineering accountable primarily for applying and implementing medical technology to optimize supplying.


Biomechanics is that the study of systems and structures of biological organisms from the littlest plants to the biggest animals react with external stimuli. In animals, biomechanics usually refers to the study of however the skeletal and muscular structure systems work below completely different cases. In biomechanics, scientists usually attempt to apply physics and alternative mathematical primarily based types of analysis to create the bounds and capabilities of biological systems. Biomaterials are substances that are employed in medical devices or are to bear with biological systems. Biomaterials use impression from medication, biology, chemistry, material science and additionally engineering.

 Balance, Gait and Locomotion

Biomechanical Modelling

Cardiovascular Mechanics

Cellular Force Transduction

Clinical Biomechanics


Musculoskeletal Mechanics

Orthotics and medicine

Physiotherapy and Sports Biomechanics

Tissue, Cell and Molecular Mechanics



Medical and Nano biotechnology area  unit the applications of medical and technology within the biological fields. Nano biotechnology is that the fusion of technology and biotechnology during which Nano sized machines are often synthesized by incorporating biological systems to review and manipulate totally different biological processes at molecular level.